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3 Professional Ways to Generate Social Media Traffic 2020

Now you are an expert blogger, writing excellent, but you seem that you are the only reader of the blogs you are publishing consistently. Most of us only rely on search engines for pushing traffic. Traffic from search engines is a long term process. Otherwise, many bloggers who are newbies online may be forced to back lack of traffic having a little knowledge of SEO that is not enough for driving traffic from search engines. For them, Social Media may be the alternative to search engines for driving Social Media Traffic to their website.

Social Media Traffic

Social Media Traffic is traffic coming to your website from social networks and social media platforms. For example, a visitor who comes clicking on a link on any social media site to your website will be counted in your digital analytics reports as Social Media Traffic.

How to Drive Social Media Traffic

Social media is a platform where people worldwide are engaged with each other due to perform social activities. These social media performances build a strong relationship that is called a social network. Using social media networks boost your traffic to your website.

Right, through social media, we can drive traffic to our website, but how? This may arise in your mind.

Go through the whole article, and you can reach the right point of the lesson. In the article, you will be clear, “How to boost social media traffic to your website.”


Drive More Traffic To Your Website And Generate Revenue

Step #1: Choose High Profile Social Media Platform

There is a lot of social media sites online. Among them, some are known and some are unknown to you. Find out the most remarkable social media sites that might be helping your brand. The most famous and remarkable social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

All of the social media online are not for you or your brand. To promote your business or your brand. Choose such platforms that will be the best for your business or your brand. All kinds of people do not like all social media. Otherwise, it is impossible to manage all social media with one hand. So pick the best social media sites and present your brand or business on the sites uploading the great content on the sites that can drive more social media traffic to your website.


Facebook is the most popular social media site, with more than 2 billion users using it every month. That is pretty good for running small or big all kinds of business using the Facebook page.

The most and remarkable opportunity is advertising using it. More than 6 million advertisers promote their business for its supporting teams. Otherwise, it is effortless to get started on Facebook because it allows all content formats- text, videos, live videos, and stories.

On Facebook, you can write countless text with an image that is not allowed for Twitter. 90 percent of users come through the mobile app that proves its flexibility to use. People of all ages from all over the world are active on Facebook.

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Twitter is another popular site like Facebook for news, entertainment, politics, sports, and more. Twitter is different from most other social media sites for emphasizing real-time information – things that are happening right now.

Another unique characteristic of it is that it only allows 280 characters in a tweet. On the site, you can upload images, videos like Facebook.

The advertisers on Twitter often use it as a customer service channel. According to them, more than 80 percent of the social customer service requests happen on it.

These facilities made it the most popular social media for marketing of any kind of business.


YouTube is a video sharing platform where users spend a lot of time watching videos as their interest. It is owned by Google. It is called the second largest search engine after Google. You can promote your business on the platform, creating a channel where you need to upload business-related videos.

The users interested in your videos will always be keeping themselves engaged by subscribing, sharing, commenting, and liking.


Instagram is a social media app where you can share images, videos, stories, and live videos. Recently, it has launched IGTV for longer-form videos.

Instagram is popular for image sharing. Otherwise, as a brand, you can get an Instagram business profile, which will provide you with your profile’s rich analytics. It will allow you to schedule your posts and activities using third-party tools.


LinkedIn is now a job search site where industry experts share content and network with one another to increase their personal brand. It has become a place where you can manage your professional identity and build your professional networks sharing knowledge and activities.

Like them, a lot of social media sites are online. All of the social media is not for you. Therefore I will say you focus on two or three social media for driving social media traffic to your website.

What social media site is for you?

If your business is image related, such as graphic designing, web designing, product promotion, etc., you can choose first Instagram and Pinterest. Both of them are popular for image sharing sites. Otherwise, If you desire to promote a blog site, you can choose Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Tumblr, etc. Because in the sites, you can explain anything using text, image, and videos together. That makes it easy to portray the reality of anything before the audience.

Therefore, you have to take these social media to have targeted social media traffic to your website.

Step #2: Make Your Social Media a portfolio

Your social media site may be used as your personal Portfolio. It will furnish the review with as much relevant information as possible about your business or brand. That will assist you to have more sales or order as a service provider.

Quora Profile

Provide your real life experience

In the social media, bio section includes your work with proven. That will provide information about your real-life experience in the niche you want to promote on social media.

Post on social media, your success history is proven and may screen short or URL or any documentary to prove. Your expertise in the niche builds a strong faith in your readers on you. They can judge your expertise on the subject go through your post on social media. Using this trustworthiness, you may convert them into customers.

Step #3: Use Social Media As a Landing Page

In digital marketing, a landing page is a unique web page created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. Clicking on a link, a visitor lands from Google, Bing, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or similar page on the web.

Create a social media a landing page

A social media landing page is a destination where you desire to drive your followers. Social media landing pages manage to have easy layouts that prompt specific actions that you require. You can design your landing pages for each campaign to vary from brand awareness to sales conversions.

Simply, a landing page that is designed for a marketing or advertising campaign does not exist on Facebook, Instagram, or even LinkedIn. You can do this using a third-party website.

In this article, I have tried to show you how you drive social media traffic to your website using social media as a landing page.

Create a post including various information on the topic that you desire to promote and ask them, Are they interested in buying the product you crave to sell? If the answer is “Yes,” Invite them to your website through a link and make a purchase.

You may also provide various offers and gift cards that will influence the users to click the link and clicking the link they dive into the website.


What is social media marketing and How does it work?

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