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Content, Traffic, Revenue

Content, Traffic, Revenue


Content is the King of a Blog so focus on content creation. Quality beats quantity.

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”- Brian Clark

If you want to be a smart Blogger, you need to follow a consistent steps that will reach the cherished goal.

Step #1: Choose a Profitable Blogging Niche

Step #2: Register a Your Niche Related Domain name

It will be better if you choose the best domain and hosting provider. As 70% web speed depends on the webserver. So in the term, I will recommend Bluehost.

Step #3: Create a Profitable Content That can generate Revenue


Already you have initiated a blog site. Forthwith you want to notice more eyes to your blog site. But every feeling as if you are the only browser of your blog. It is not just a feeling as a newbie because it is possible. So you should find out some free ways of driving traffic to the website without SEO.

To drive traffic Social Media is a great tool. You can use your social media as a landing page that will help you to bring a lot of traffic.

Therefore you have to go through-

What is social media marketing and How does it work?

Traffic Generator Facebook Groups For Blogging Bloggers

Drive More Traffic to Your Website from Pinterest

Question and Answer sites are other platforms for driving traffic to your website.

The Best Question And Answer Sites List For Driving Traffic


Free High DA Article Submission Sites list

Email Marketing another way to drive traffic to your website.

Collect Email Addresses From the target Audience

What is email marketing and how does it work?


Blogging is a smart way to make money online from home. It provides a lot of opportunities to add extra cash as your main income. Therefore you must know, “How to generate revenue by blogging?

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