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Drive more traffic and generate revenue

Drive More Traffic To Your Website And Generate Revenue

If you are passionate about blogging, it is the right article for you. Dive the article to pick up the right ways to drive more traffic that generates revenue by blogging.

In this article, we will go through the whole process step by step.

Personal Experience

Personal Experience

Write down on your website that you have achieved from your every on-trend of life.

Do something that you love to do

Be passionate

If blogging is your passion, you are in the right way. Go ahead with your aggressiveness to reach your goal.

Drive traffic To Your Website

Content is king

Content is king

Write content with your love for others, not for you that must be informative as well as meaningful. Only good content that will make a relationship with readers. Then the readers will be converted to generate revenue.

Content Marketing

Drive traffic

To drive traffic, you can follow two ways

1 Search engine optimization (SEO)

2 Content marketing

Content marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience that ultimately drives profitable customer action.

If you want to start content marketing free and easily, don’t waste your valuable time.

Drive traffic to your site

Following the steps, you can bring more traffic. They are-

1 Join your niche related social media groups and contribute to the groups and make a relationship with the members. They may be your permanent traffics if you can focus them properly.

2 After joining the target groups focus the members of the groups who are interested in your niche. Make them your Facebook friends and invite them to join your niche related fan page.

Traffic Generator Facebook Groups For Blogging Bloggers

Email Marketing

To start email marketing you need an email list of your target audience. Send an email in a briefing of your content that you want to reach to your target audience who are interested in your niche.

But you have to know how to collect the email addresses from your target audience.

Collect Email Addresses From the target Audience

Q & A

Contribute to the question and answer sites. Now many Q & A sites are available. On the sites, you may contribute by asking and answering. Most of the sites allow you to share your content links that drive more traffic to your site.

The Best Question And Answer Sites List For Driving Traffic

Article submission

By submitting your article to article submission sites, you may drive more traffic to your website. Most of the article submission sites allow you to share your article’s links that drive more traffic to your site.

Free High DA Article Submission Sites list

Blog commenting

Blog commenting is a way to show up yourself as an expert on the niche and interacting with your readers about a certain topic. It is one of the best ways to interact with other readers that drive more traffic to your site as well as getting a backlink.

High DA Blog Commenting Sites List For Getting Backlinks

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