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Drive More Traffic to Your Website from Pinterest

Pinterest is the greatest way to drive more traffic to your website. If you like to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, the post is for you.

According to a report, Pinterest is the best site for driving traffic to a website. Now Pinterest is the place of over 70 million active users. Following some effective methods, you may drive more traffic to your website.

In this article, I will show some useful strategies that will help you to get more traffic from Pinterest.

Drive More Traffic to Your Website from Pinterest

To drive traffic from Pinterest you need to –

1. Add your website

First of all, you need to Claim your website on your brand page. After claiming the website, you see it top of the brand page. The URL of your website may drive traffic to your website.

Drive More Traffic to Your Website from Pinterest

But how to add your website to Pinterest?

It is a very easy task to do. First, you need to go to your brand page then clicking the edit setting option go to the edit profile page where you notice the claim option.

how to add your website to Pinterest?

After clicking on the option, it will provide a page where you notice a block that will ask you to put your website URL. After putting, the URL heat the claim button. Then it affords you to option to verify your website. Using any one of the two options, you can verify your website.

2. Create a board consisting of your blog’s content

The board where you will pin your blog’s best post. It will also act as a blog’s portfolio where you will display your best content offering various services.

How to create a board on Pinterest?

To create a board, you need to click on the button “See all Pins”. Then you will see a page called all pins page where will be a block with a + icon. Clicking on the icon, create a board with a title.

How to create a board on Pinterest?

The title must be your content related.

3. Pin your content

Pin your content continually. To pin your post you need to optimize the image that you want to post.

The better size of the pin image is 2:3 that will work well.


How to pin your post?

Pin your post clicking on the “+” button. After clicking, it will ask you to type the title of the pin and also tell to post a discussion link. Before the link posting, you have to type some words less than 500 words. You have to summarize your post in the description.

How to pin your post?

The left side of the page where you need to post an optimized post from your computer or website.

4. Pin other content

It is a good idea to active with Pinterest. Pinterest is the biggest platform to drive more traffic than other platforms.

To continue the driving traffic to your website, you need to link others who follow you. So you have to pin other content as well as your content.

Pinterest rewards you when you share other valuable content with your followers.

It is the best practice to pin 80% of your own content and 20% of other content every day.

By doing this, you have a possibility of sharing your contents that Drive More Traffic to Your Website from Pinterest

5. Find relevant group board to join

To increase traffic to your website, you have to follow some steps. Joining relevant group boards is a great way to increase your traffic. By following them you have a great opportunity to divert them as your followers. It is important to mention that not all group boards are equal. So you should find out group boards that have a higher re-pin rate in your targeted audience.

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