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Drive traffic to your Facebook page

Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Page

You already have created a Facebook Page in order to promote your business. Now you want followers on the page.

Then ask me, “How can I get more followers on the page?” In the answer, I will say don’t be panic and dive into the article and learn the way to have more followers on the page.

You can get followers on the Facebook page tow ways one is paid another free.

In this article, I will explain “How to drive traffic to your Facebook page.”

Traffic Generator Facebook Groups For Blogging Bloggers

Step 1. Offer exclusive deals

Offer exclusive deals

As an example, you may type “Follow us on Facebook for our best deals” coupled with a “Follow” button that can enchant to visit and Follow your Facebook Page. Don’t forget to mention “This deal is exclusive to our Facebook followers” that will help you to drive more traffic to your Facebook page. 

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Step 2. Run voting contests to drive traffic

Run voting contests to drive traffic

Voting content is very effective for driving more traffic. It will help to have more fresh eyes on your page by the participants in your contest who ask their friends, and family members to vote them. If you can run contest successfully on your page, you have a lot of opportunities to grow up your business page.

Step 3. Run a giveaway

Run a giveaway

Running a giveaway and Offering exclusive deals drive more traffic and interactions. By running you may collect Email addresses from the followers who are interested in the offer. The email addresses provide great support.

Step 4. Post content constantly varying the Facebook’s terms and conditions

Post constantly, relying on Facebook’s terms and conditions that allow you to post your content. Make sure so that your post does not go out of the terms and conditions of Facebook.

Constantly posting helps you to have enough engagement on your Facebook.

Step 5. Post relevant content

Make sure so that it is relevant content to your Facebook Page that you are posting on the page. People who are interested in the business that you are running on the page will follow you. So always you should create a business-related post that will help you to drive more traffic to the page.

Step 6. Engage with your target audience

Try to keep yourself engaged with your audience making interaction on their post. A comment can force a user to keep his eyes on your profile and drive to your page. Ask them your query that you need to know or by asking any query you can about his interest in your business. All of the conversations between you and your user will build a strong relationship.

Step 7. Use the Follow button on your website and another social media

You may drive more followers on your Facebook page from your website using the Follow button. On your website, you may ask your visitors to follow you on Facebook Page like-“Follow Us On Facebook”. The same can do on other social media sites.

Step 8. Share informative post

Always try to share informative posts on that the users are interested. And constantly update the information that will help to keep yourself updated before the audience and the content will be shareable.

To promote your Facebook page, you can use the steps that will boost more traffic to your Facebook page.

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