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How to revenue by advertising

How to generate revenue by advertising

You have already a blog that contains traffic generator content. You already have occupied the trustworthiness of your visitors. Therefore you are exploring the right ways to make money from the blog. Most of the bloggers choose to generate revenue by advertising.

If you dive into the content, you can pick up all tips of earning ways by advertising.

When your blog is the targeted place of your visitors, it will be a store of making money by placing ads.

To make money online by placing ads, Google AdSense is an expected way. Google has a way to monetize called Google Adsense. Google AdSense is a money-making program by using it many bloggers become financial winners.

It is not impossible to make money from Google Ads. The combination of traffic, content, and users, can generate thousands of dollars every single month.

generate revenue by advertising

There are many types of ads that help to make money online

1. Pay per Ads

2. Contextual Ads

3. Text-link Ads

4. Pay per impression Ads

5. Pay per action Ads

6. Direct Ads

Pay per Ads

Pay per click, also known as cost per click that indicates you are paid for every click from readers by the advertiser. 

                   “Each time a reader clicks on the ad, you are paid for that click.”  

Contextual Ads

Contextual Ads are sort of Pay per click. This sort of ad is shown on the page that page contains relevant content. Google AdSense is the same type of Advertising channel.

 Text-link Ads

It is another kind of Pay per Ads. It is placed based on a specific text, not content. These types of Ads are arranged help of text link brokers, such as Infolinks.

Pay per Impression ads

The advertiser Pays the blogger for every appearance of the ad on the blog’s page. You are paid for every 1000 ad impressions by the advertiser.

Pay-Per Action Ads 

For the ad, the adviser pays for each click on the ad and performs an action such as making a purchase.

Affiliate ads are one type of pay-per-action ad. An affiliated provider provides a unique link that makes a purchase by someone’s click on the link. 

Direct ads

Direct ads that blogger offers visitors a specific space to show their product ads by paying. In this action, the blogger needs not any via. 

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