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How to Create the Perfect YouTube Video Description

How to Create the Perfect YouTube Videos Description

It’s true: YouTube is second only to Google as the most used search engine. With a base of users, that’s above the 1 billion mark. YouTube is a must to increase the visibility of your company. We at GoViral, in this article, will guide you through the concept of optimizing your YouTube videos.

We’ll go over the process of YouTube descriptions and show you how to optimize your YouTube channel for online amazingness! But, in the end, SEO eyeballs. Find out more about the adage that trees fall in forests and the all-important SEO strategy here.

First, what exactly is a YouTube description?

There are two kinds of descriptions on YouTube videos: YouTube descriptions:

YouTube channel descriptions

A YouTube channel description is found in the section ‘About. Its function is to inform people more about you and, often, doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

YouTube Video descriptions

A YouTube video’s description refers to the content you place below each video. These text-based snippets of information assist viewers in locating your content and determining whether they want to view it or not.

If given a little affection, YouTube descriptions can boost your YouTube channel’s SEO, subscribers, views, and even the amount of time you spend watching.

How do you create compelling descriptions? Here are some suggestions to get you started on the right track

YouTube text formatting

In the case of the numerous YouTube videos, establishing a “description format” allows you to write out concise and compelling descriptions without leaving out crucial details.

Here’s the information you’ll need to include

  • Write a short video description. Use relevant keywords and limit it to three lines to appear higher than that fold.
  • Add links to all other resources included in the video.
  • Request that the viewer signs up.
  • If your clip is lengthy or covers multiple subjects, add ‘chapters’ simple navigation.
  • Links to social media accounts and your website.

YouTube description template

How can you add an explanation to the description of my YouTube channel?

  1. It’s as simple … Follow these simple steps:
  2.  Visit
  3.  Log in.
  4.  Click on your thumb icon at the upper right corner of the page.
  5.  Then click on the Creator Studio link.
  6.  Click the “View Channel” link.
  7.  You have to click on the “About” area of your YouTube channel.
  8.  Click on the “Add Channel Description” button.
  9.  Let your followers know what your channel is about (i.e., your excellent description).
  10.  Hit ‘Done.’
  11.  Select ‘view as public’ to observe how other YouTube users appear.

YouTube Keywords

Keywords allow viewers to locate your videos and channel faster through search. YouTube’s algorithm puts the most importance on the keywords you use on Your About page. Be sure to choose your keywords carefully!

How to select the best keywords for YouTube

You can get specific.

Pick a couple of keywords that best describe the content to drive search traffic for your content. Then, please include them in the description of your video (in the first two paragraphs) and the title to boost the likelihood of it ranking on search results for potential viewers.

Tip: Not sure what keywords can help you make your mark? Use the Google Ads Keyword Planner and Google Trends to roll.

Rinse and repeat

Repetition of your keywords lets YouTube know that a specific phrase has relevance to the channel or your video. For the best results, you should use the term 2-3 times, but not more than that, to keep from keyword overfilling.

Receive a complimentary

We don’t usually recommend following your rivals’ footsteps in the case of keywords; it’s a good idea! Utilize the power of metadata to take advantage of YouTube’s’suggested videos algorithm from videos that viewers might be interested in seeing the next (aka your own!). While writing, you can browse popular videos related to the same topic and then add related keywords from the descriptions to incorporate into your content, according to Jeff Richards, Head of Content.

Apart from the keyword-rich content, What should I include in my YouTube channel’s description?

Good question:

This is where you want the character that your website has to shine through. You can have up to 5000 characters but focus on the first one hundred and 125 characters (those above the fold’ previously mentioned).

Tips on how to write for your YouTube Channel Description

  • Inform viewers about what they can expect. Also, don’t use clickbait! If your content does not match the description, it will hurt your rankings on search engines (and your credibility!)
  • Know your audience. Make use of language that your audience will “get.”
  • Don’t give up, then top. Use keywords in a coherent manner, not in an exhaustive list.
  • What’s happening beneath (the fold). These are where your metadata and links are, and hopefully, the user clicks “show more” to see the content.
  • Make it real. It would help if you had clickable descriptions that allow the viewer to discover something new or give an advantage. 70% of millennial YouTubers utilize videos to help them find further information.
  • Include CTAs. Invite your readers to sign up for your content, leave a comment, or like the content.

Excellent tags for YouTube

Hashtags can be a simple method to make it easier for viewers to find your content. Just be sure not to get too much!

Three different ways Hashtags could use hashtags on YouTube

  • In the video’s description. YouTube permits the use of up to fifteen hashtags.
  • Below is the name. YouTube shows the first three hashtags you type into the description.
  • Within the name. So, no other hashtags are displayed above the title.

YouTube tag tips for our YouTube tag tips

  • Use fifteen hashtags at most, or YouTube will not even consider them.
  • Include relevant information to your video – like your name, brand and related topics, and your place of business.
  • Find #inspiration by searching popular hashtags on YouTube using the ‘ tag explorer.’

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Are you ready to write?

Now that you know, you understand what counts in descriptions. And you’ll be able to write flawless YouTube videos description. Let us assist you with the editing and down as well.

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