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How To Fix WordPress Memory Exhausted Error

How To Fix WordPress Memory Exhausted Error

WordPress is the most popular software that is easy to use. But at the time of using you may face many errors like Memory Exhausted Error. When you face this problem, you must be foiled. Then you start exploring the solution to this problem. Heat the search bar of Google “How to Fix WordPress Memory Exhausted Error”. Most of the WordPress blogger does the work.

Don’t be foiled. Start to go through the whole article and pick up the solution to the problem.

How to realize what is memory exhausted error?

It is easy to understand when you see the following message on your browser.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to locate 2348617 bytes) in/ home/example/wp-include/plugin.php on line xxx

The massage means that all default memory has been exhausted with the scripts. To fix the error, you need to increase the PHP memory limit in WordPress.

After reading the content, I hope you already would have had the solution to this problem. Before solving the problem, you have to take a back up your website to save from any kind of loss of your website.

How to increase the PHP memory limit in WordPress

First of all, log in to your Cpanel after that you need to edit the wp-config file from the file manager to increase the PHP memory on your WordPress.

In the wp-config file where has ‘ That all, stop editing! Happy blogging’ before the line paste the following line.

define( ‘ WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’ , ‘ 256M ‘ );

After doing this, save the file and refresh your site to check the error. If you don’t see the error on your browser, you may realize that the issue is solved.

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