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Make Money By Blogging

Generate revenue by blogging

How to generate revenue by blogging

Do you have a blog? If the answer is “Yes,.” You are always exploring the right ways that can drive much revenue. Or you desire to start a blog. Now you need to “How to start a blog step by step guide.

Blogging is the right place to express yourself to an audience and spread out your experience via the internet worldwide. The skill to draw attention to your blog will generate traffic that traffic maybe your money maker.

Are you thinking about how blogging makes money online and exploring the right ways to make money through blogging?  Then I can ask you whether you have a website that you aspire to monetize. If the answer is negative, you must register a store mean hosting to store all your contents.

Choose the best domain and hosting

Now you can ask me where you should register the domain and web hosting. In the term, I recommend Bluehost. Bluehost is the most popular web hosting provider. They offer the cheapest hosting plans with 24/7 supporting time.

At the time of purchase of the domain, it will be better if the domain is your niche related to rank on the search engines.

What is niche?

Niche is a subject topic on that you have decided to start your blog. That is the most important for being a successful one in the industry.

You may check out, “How to choose a profitable blogging niche?”

Once you have completed the part of domain and hosting, you have to set up your website under the hosting you would have already registered. To set up a website, you must choose a platform where you desire to manage your website. I will recommend WordPress as WordPress is very flexible and handy to use.

To know “How to start a WordPress blog.” click the link and dive into the article to set up a website.

Then I can ask you, “Are you passionate about blogging?” For making money through blogging, you have to be patient, passionate about, and keep much time to spend. Otherwise, you must keep yourself updated about the niche.

If you want to make money by blogging. This is the right place for you. 
In this article, I will show some steps that will help you to be passionate about blogging.

Be Passionate About Blogging

First of all, dive into the content and pick the pieces of information to help you make money.

I think you have got a blog, an idea, a theme and all the time in the world. You are passionate about blogging. When you are passionate about something, your passion and tram card will materialize your dream. Now you are ready to make your dream come true. 

At present, blogging is the most popular path to make money online. To make money, online blogging is not a way but also a platform. It is such a platform by blogging, you can express yourself as an expert on a specific subject.
Now can you ask yourself how to generate revenue by blogging? Wait, don’t lose your patience and go through the whole of the content.

At first, you should know that all content doesn’t generate revenue. So you have to identify what type of content makes money and how you can create it.

How to create a profitable content

That content generates revenue is called profitable content.

For forming the content, you can grasp the whole process to create profitable content. I would like to provide you with every tip you need to follow to create a profitable blog. That blog will drive regular revenue and make you a skilled blogger.

So don’t waste time; let’s get started and go over to create a blog and teach you how to become a blogger. 

To do this

1 Choose a Profitable Blogging Niche

2 Prove yourself as a skilled on this subject

3 Optimize the content for Search Engines

How to choose a profitable blogging nice

You should focus on your interests before choosing a niche and the things you know about. After that, choose the topic as your niche. It is better to choose such a niche in which you have an interest, and about that you are passionate.

When you have a profitable niche, your task already 50% has created a blog. Every blog does not generate revenue. That blog’s niche is profitable; only this blog can generate revenue. So you should pick a niche that will work as a money generator.

Prove yourself as a skilled on this subject

To make money by blogging, you have to prove yourself an expert on the subject of your blogging niche.

Then it is possible to prove yourself when the niche is your passion. So you should select such a niche that you are passionate about, not interested in. Interest may fade away over time, but passion has no possibility to fade away. The relation of passion is with blood that doesn’t die away by time. Everybody wants to fulfill his passion at any cost.

Optimize your site for Search Engines

In blogging, SEO is the most important factor that helps you have natural visitors. The theme that you will use for the blog will be responsive and attractive to your visitors. Otherwise, you must always check the load speed of your blog.  Load speed is another factor for the rank of your site. So, you have to optimize your site’s load speed as well as content optimization.

Create Informative and meaningful content

After choosing a niche, focus on the content that you write. You have to write for your visitors, not for yourself.

Write for your visitors, not for you

 Analyze your targeted visitors and focus their interests and passion. You will continue following your visitors’ interests.

If your writing is on interests and passion for your visitors, that must give you great revenue. So you have to be passionate about writing and discover the visitors’ interests and what they want.

Write focusing on your readers’ interest, not as your wish

Then you can be a successful blogger and your blog will be your asset.    

As an example, you started a blog on entertainment, you want to entertain your visitors. So you focus on young people who are interested in entertainment. Drow attention to gender and create an article for them based on their interests. 

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”- Brian Clark

When a visitor reads your content, a question may arise in their mind, ” Do I enjoy learning about this topic?” Yes, your content must be enjoyable for your visitors.

The content must be informative and meaningful

Then a visitor will dive and pick up the necessary pieces of information that he needs. Then, it will be profitable content for you. 

Try to create such a presentation before your audience that presents them with amusement. You should keep in mind That quality beats quantity. So focus on the quality of your content, not on quantity.

Otherwise, your content must be readable as well as informative. To create readable content, you have to follow some steps.

How to create readable content to generate revenue

Only readable content can make money online. To generate revenue by blogging, you have to create readable content. It is easy to create readable content using the following steps.

1 You can do by using the flexible word

2 Simple word not complicated

3 The short word which has 1or 2 syllables not more

4 Use short sentences

5 It is better to use an active voice 

6 Arrange content with paragraphs

7 Divide content with sub-heading

8 The example in your content to predict the reality of the subject matter

9 The question that helps a reader to realize the real topics

10 The well-looked image that has to present the content as a picture

11 Use image after every 100 words

If you follow the steps to create content, your content will be readable and profitable. Profitable content will help you to make money online.

How to generate revenue by blogging

How to generate revenue by blogging step by step guide

You already have a blog that is created based on your passion and interest. It contains all the information that the visitors need. If the visitors fall in love with the contents that you created.

Then your blog is a website that can generate revenue. There are many ways to make money by blogging. Make money by advertising is one of the most remarkable ways.

Generate revenue by advertising

To make money online by placing ads, Google AdSense is an expected way. Google has a way to monetize it called Google Adsense. Google AdSense is a money-making program; by using it, many bloggers become financial winners.

It is not impossible to make money from Google Ads. The combination of traffic, content, and users can generate thousands of dollars every single month.

Make money by Advertising

There are many types of ads that help to make money online.

1 Pay per Ads

2 Contextual Ads

3 Text-link Ads

4 Pay per impression Ads

5 Pay per action Ads

6 Direct Ads

Sign up for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a trendy way of monetization a blog. The trust of your visitors to you makes a purchase of the product you promote to get a commission from the product provider company. To do the task, you can provide links or recommendations to relevant products, and the provider will give you a commission for every sale through your blog.

Nowadays, it is a very effective method to make money. But to be an affiliate marketer, you have to invest a lot of time and effort to be a full-time money maker by blogging. It is a method of advertising on your blog.

Write sponsored posts

Now I hope you already have a huge number of visitors; you may write sponsor posts for other companies in exchange for money. You may be contacted directly for this opportunity, or you can check out online “sponsorship” marketplaces such as “the midgame.”

The more you can generate traffic to your website, the more you can make money. It is the right saying in the blogging field. While you are writing to your visitors based on their interest. Then you can hope appreciation of the visitors. Then many companies will contact you to promote their products by writing a product review exchange for paying.

Generate leads for other business 

You can generate revenue by selling leads to other companies. By blogging, you can generate leads that you can sell to others. Then how to generate leads?

As an example, your blog contains beauty tips. The readers who come to your blog all come to solve their problems. But they may need beauty products that you don’t sell. You can recommend another company or blog where they can get their necessary products.

You must do this in order to get a commission from the company.

Use your blog as a portfolio

Your blog may be used as your personal Portfolio. It will provide the review with as much relevant information as possible. That will help you to get more work as a freelance worker and increase your brand.

You are an expert on the subject that is your blog niche. Your expertise builds a strong faith in your readers you. They can realize your expertise on the subject. Using this trustworthiness, you may earn revenue by freelancing.

Create paid content

By that time, you could gain your trustworthiness from visitors. Using this trustworthiness, you can consider adding “paid content” to your blog. For example, you could host a special podcast or write an ebook and charge visitors a small fee to access it. Thus, you can generate revenue from blogging.

Promote and sell a physical product

You can make money by selling physical products. Your expertise and free content get people engaged and build up a market of readers who would buy the products you want to sell through the internet.

The business is very benefited and reliable in the present world. The people of the world are very busy with their particular life, they need a little bit of time to rest. So they prefer to buy their product in staying home without spending time.

Sell Digital Product

You are an expert on a specific subject. On that subject, you may create E-Book, Pdf, and video tutorial. These self-created digital products you may sell on your blog site.

At present, it is a very effective and reliable business for every blogger. As an expert on the topic, you can produce a digital product to guide your audience’s money exchange.

In the article, I tried to focus on the passion that you cherished in your blood. As I think every success relay on one’s passion. So be passionate about being successful.

Infographic on generating revenue by blogging

Infographic on generating revenue by blogging

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