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How to Set Up an Electric Humidor?

An electronic humidor is a new hobby for many cigar enthusiasts and collectors. Unfortunately, this cigar accessory is a piece of dangerous but very effective equipment that should be in each cigar collector’s home.

Electronic humidors effortlessly prolong the life of high-quality cigars, simply injecting water during storage and providing an environment with appropriate humidity levels and optimum ventilation for the cigars to thrive for an extended period. Installing it does not need to be difficult, so let us tell you how.

Getting Ready for Your Electronic Humidor

Purchasing a new humidor is an excellent first step if you intend to pursue cigar collection as a pastime. A humidor is vital for maintaining the quality of your cigars, yet knowing how and where to set one up necessitates understanding the circumstances under which they should be stored. When purchasing a new electric humidor, it is best to re-humidify it before keeping your cigars.

Because of the balance of your humidor’s material, keeping them immediately will completely spoil your cigars. Spanish cedar was the most common material using to produce electric humidors. And they frequently do not attain their equilibrium of 65 percent humidity upon distribution.

 So, if you immediately store cigars in a humidor that isn’t perfect in terms of humidity, the electronic humidor would end up draining the water out of the cigars.

Electric Humidor Installation

To break in a humidor, keep it at ambient temperature and away from direct sunlight and heat sources. It would beneficial if you maintain an appropriate humidity level because this will help avoid mold growth in your cigars, leading to metal elements corrosion within the box. Even if you’re not growing them, these are all sound techniques for preserving any cigar collection.

Before you begin breaking in electric humidors, you will generally need a few items, some of which are as follows:

  • Humidification system
  • Hygrometer
  • Solution of Propylene Glycol
  • one gallon of distilled water
  • a brand-new, clean, unused kitchen sponge
  • A bowl made of glass or stainless steel
  • a clean dish towel or cloth

Begin by calibrating the hygrometer

A hygrometer was not requirements for a humidor’s function. But it will inform you if the humidity levels in your box are within acceptable limits. Calibrating one of these devices takes 6 to 8 hours and should do only once a year.

A hygrometer does more than measure the moisture level within a container. It also tells consumers whether the box or other container is performing as planned by monitoring the amount of water vapor that escapes from its inside over time.

This calibration process takes 6 to 8 hours without interruptions before any changes are checked (indicated through readings). This implies that measurements should preferably taken at least once a year to preserve reliable measurements.

Fill the Humidification Device with water

Take your humidification unit from the humidor box and set it on a plate. There are several different methods for preparing a humidor for the initial time. First, you may either squirt or wipe the solution into the device.

Propylene glycol is safe and effective in preventing over-humidifying cigar and tobacco products. Remember that the water supply cannot be used since mold will grow on any other items inside if it is not correctly cleaned afterward.

When washing up polluted tap containers beforehand, only water mixed with some liquid dishwashing liquid is suggested.

Internal Humidification for Days

Allow the humidor to perform its magic over a few days to gradually attain the correct humidity level, ensuring the ideal breeding habitat for high-quality cigars. Because your humidor would be sealed to keep the moisture within. You must employ a sponge to avoid leaks.

Before putting the humidor in, soak up any leftover water and place it in a plastic ziplock bag. Other products, like cigars or lighter fluid, can be stored here for increased convenience while maintaining the relative humidity of all objects.

Close your humidor’s lid, then leave it closed for at least 3 to 5 days with such wet sponges or humidity control unit inside. To know more about kinds of product reviews, stay with Bh Blogger.

Calculate the Humidity Levels

Check the overall humidity level inside the box after 3 to 5 days. Ideally, your hygrometer should register 75 to 80 percent RH (Relative Humidity). This is slightly higher than the average desirable range for cigar storage. However, your cigars absorb a large portion of the original excess moisture once inside.

Place Your Cigars 

It is preferable to use a hygrometer to check the humidity levels. Fill the box of cigars once you’ve achieved 75 to 80 percent capacity to store and achieve constant conditions within the tube.

It’s also crucial not to overcrowd your cigar storage area since this will restrict air and moisture passage amongst them and when there’s additional room for mobility.

Final Verdict

Cigar collecting is unlike any other pastime, and having the correct equipment to maintain your cigars in good condition is critical. Electronic humidors are essential for providing you & your cigar-loving pals with the highest quality in every puff. You may have as many humidors as you want, but not understanding how to build an electrical humidor might ruin your smoking experience.

Your Elegant Bar sells high-quality humidor cabinets. They are climate-controlled and include many excellent features for your cigar collection. Browse our selection of electric humidors if you’re new to the pastime; it’s never too early to invest in proper cigar storage (such as cooler humidors or cigar lockers)! If you’re more advanced in the pastime, look into bespoke humidors.

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