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Pusatfilm21 – Download & Watch Free Movies Online and Offline

Pusatfilm21 is a video-watching platform in Indonesia. It offers the latest movies online, but they also provide the ability to download movies for offline viewing. Not only that, but it also enables its users to set reminders for their favorite movies so they won’t miss them.

Suppose you want to know the usage and other benefits of Pusatfilm21. Then you have to read this whole article carefully. Below I have presented it very nicely.

Pusatfilm21 is a joint venture between the Indonesian Film Producers Association (APBI) and PT Citra Lamtoro Gung Persada (CLG). The company was founded to create a legal alternative to watching movies online in Indonesia.

The company has been working since 2001 with the primary goal of providing legal content to visitors. To do this, they have partnered with many movie studios and distributors worldwide, including Fox, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Disney’s Marvel Studios.

The most sought-after item is the one that lets you watch videos offline. So Pusatfilm21 has gained popularity in Indonesia for all these benefits.

How to use the Pusatfilm21 website to watch and download movies?

Many have no idea how to use the Pusatfilm21 platform. Below I give an idea of their benefits:

  • Pusatfilm21 is an online platform for watching the latest movies in Indonesia.
  • It offers the latest movies in Indonesia.
  • The website offers movies that have just been released in cinemas.
  • It offers movies that have not been released on DVD yet.
  • On Pusatfilm21, you can watch movies from your home or office.
  • On the platform, you can watch movies in your spare time.
  • You can download movies for offline viewing with Pusatfilm21.

Pusatfilm21 Which country’s movies are accessible to watch?

Suppose you want to watch Pusatfilm21 movies on your computer or laptop. Of course, you need to install the application first. You can also use the web version of this service.

The website has more than 5 million users worldwide, and it is available in many languages. In addition to Indonesian, it also supports English, Chinese, Spanish, German, and other languages. 

Pusatfilm 21 is the perfect platform for online movie lovers

The platform has a wide range of movies from around the world, including Hollywood blockbusters, Asian films, and local Indonesian ones. There are also plenty of Indonesian TV shows on their site.

Pusatfilm21 is one of the most popular video streaming sites in Indonesia. They have millions of users and tens of thousands of visitors per day.

The site also has a mobile app so you can watch your favorite movies on your phone or tablet!

Pusatfilm21 offers the latest movies to watch online for free

It is available on all devices, including Android and iOS devices. The website also works on all browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

It has a wide selection of movies that you can watch for free. In addition, they are updated daily with new movies and TV shows.

If you want to watch your favorite TV show or movie on Pusatfilm21, you need to type in its name into the search bar at the top of the page (or click on Search). Once you find it, click on it to start streaming or download it for later viewing.

The Cost of Pusatfilm21 website

Pusatfilm21 has two subscription packages: free and premium. The free package allows you to watch unlimited streams of movies and TV shows. You will need to upgrade to a premium by paying Rp. 19,900 per month (about US$1).

The Premium Package includes:

• Free trial period of 1 month.

• Unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows.

• Ability to download movies for offline viewing.

• 30 days of free membership after canceling your subscription.


Pusatfilm21 claims to be the highest-rated video streaming platform, and they have exciting and innovative new features in store. So if you’re located in Indonesia and are looking for a way to conveniently watch the latest films on your computer or mobile device, you should check them out.

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