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sky zone prices

Sky zone Columbia tickets prices in 2022

Sky Zone is a park where you and your kid can enjoy time by playing games and jumping. There is a separate room for everyone based on interest and game. 

How much do their tickets cost?

The price of the tickets depends on how much time you spend there. The prices of the tickets are given below:

90 minutes staying tickets

Weekdays: 20.99$

Weekends: 21.99$

120 minutes staying tickets

Weekdays: 24.99$

Weekends: 28.99$

6 & under-90 minute staying tickets:
Weekdays : 16.99$

Weekends: 16.99$

6 & under-120 minute staying tickets:

Weekdays: 18.99$

Weekends: 21.99$

You can buy any of the above-priced tickets for SKY ZONE Trampoline park. You can also buy tickets from their website.

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