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The best alternative google adsense

The Best Alternative To Google AdSense 2020

If I don’t mistake, you are a blogger, constantly writing on a blog site is your full time or part-time task. Definitely, you are the owner of a blog site. Now you have enough traffic that you desire to monetize.

Most of the bloggers’ dream hopeful ad network is Google AdSense. They want to earn using the ad network. All of the bloggers do not get approval for their restrictions or are suspended after having the approval of Google AdSense.

Even most bloggers want to maximize their revenue, so they explore the best alternative to Google AdSense. There are many alternatives to AdSense like-, Infolinks, PropellerAds, Adsterra, PopAds, PopCash Evadav, and Amazon Associates.

After Google AdSense, if you want to think of an alternative monetization method, should be one of AdSense’s top alternatives.

In the article, I am going to investigate an in-depth look into and help you judge whether this is a suitable ad network for you or not.

First let me introduce you with

What is is a contextual advertising network that is recognized as the second-largest contextual advertising network in the world by revenue. Now it manages huge traffic that generates 70+ million paid ad clicks every single month. It works in collaboration with the Yahoo-Bing network. It displays ads based on your content on the website.

Why is the best alternative to AdSense?

There are many reasons for being the second and best alternative to Google AdSense. Like-

1 They provide contextual ads that are based on your content.

2 Besides the contextual ads, they provide native, and video ads.

3 They have no restrictions like Google Adsense forgetting Approval.

4 Once you have applied, they take a very short time to review your website for a maximum of two business days.

5 They also have a referral program, if allowed to the program, you can receive 10% royalty asking new members to payment methods

Now provides two payment methods, Wire transfer, and PayPal, to withdraw payment for their publishers. Depending on your requirements, you can use one. Otherwise, the minimum threshold is $100 as your earning in your account. I think it is a good threshold for publishers who have decent impressions.

How much does pay per 1,000 impressions? normally pays about $5/1000 impressions, which is among the best in the industry. You can run 3 ads per page, which implies that you have 334 views, meaning about 1000 impressions. The revenue that pays you out after 30 days. You may earn $5-$10 based on your blogging niche.

Are the reasons of not enough for being the best of all alternatives to Google AdSense?

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