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What is email marketing and how does it work?

What is email marketing and how does it work?

The term “email marketing” means a marketing strategy using email. In a basic sense, email marketing is used to promote products or services. In a broad sense, email marketing develops a relationship with potential consumers or clients. It is one portion of internet marketing, which encircles online marketing via websites, social media, blogs, and more.

This marketing strategy can be used to build relationships with customers who need your products or services.

Why is email marketing the best strategy for marketing?

Think about email marketing-

Do you have an email address that you use for your personal purpose? Yet, didn’t you have any email through your email address?

The answer will be definitely yes. I hope all of them are not your personal, among them most of any product review or any offer that has been provided by any company. Don’t you open the mails? Maybe, some you opened, some not.

The company that sent an email through your email wants to promote his products in order to make a sale. Otherwise, he wants to build a relationship with you. Ultimately, his main purpose is to drive you to his website for getting your interaction on his products.

Have you ever wondered where he got your email and how?

This is an important asking. Where and how? It is a topic to understand email marketing.

Where and How?

You must have a Facebook ID where you spend most of your time. Then you read some articles that have been shared from a website. Moreover, you subscribe to the website with your email or share your feeling leaving a comment to the post.

On the other hand, when some posts are displayed before you, you often like and comment that proves you are interested in the topic.

Sometimes you want to know something by asking or posting on the Facebook ID. All of the actions on Facebook that you are doing are hacked by a marketer who runs a business through a website. He always follows you and collects your information like Facebook ID, Email address and your interest. Thus he follows you on Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Following the processes that a marketer follows to run his business, you may be a successful marketer.

How does email marketing work?

Email marketing allows businesses to keep their consumers notified and tailor their marketing messages to their audience.

1 Email marketing can be personalized,

2 Maintains a relationship,

3 And increases sales.

Email marketing can be personalized

Email marketing allows you to follow particular groups of your audience or even specific persons. You can offer them special birthday deals on their birthday.

A restaurant might send an email to consumers on their birthday providing an offer 50% off a dish, for example.

Thus you can build a strong relationship and increase sales.

Maintain a relationship

Email marketing is an easy way to maintain a relationship with your customers. It allows you to keep your customers informed and tailor your marketing message.

Updating yourselves about them, you may build a relationship. On their birthday and marriage day, you may send an email wishing on the occasion that will make a connection between you and your customer.

You will not send emails only on a birthday or marriage day but also send on all the important days of the year.

By doing this you may make a strong relationship between you and your customers.

Increase sales

The main purpose of email marketing is sales. To increase sales, a businessman who runs his business via internet practices email marketing.

Email marketing can substantially boost your interest if you do it correctly. It is a great way to drive traffic to your website or blog, and more visitors usually equates to more income.

How much can it help generate income?

It is the time of social media. In this era, the importance of email marketing has not lessened. So consider the following statistics:

1 90% of emails are checked at least per day.

2 It returns $40 exchange every $1.

3 Its conversion rate is 3% compared to 1% for social media.

Email marketing contains a huge advantage over social media. If you post anything on social, it has less possibility to see the post of your customers. There are many reasons to miss the post on social media.

But if the post you send through email to your customer, it has no possibility to miss the post as it will stay in his inbox. When he will log in the mail, he will notice the e-mail.

Therefore email marketing is one of the most effective ways to lead a business successfully.

If you do it correctly the correct time, there is no way to you as a great way to generate revenue as email marketing.

Email marketing tips

1. Make a list of email addresses of your targeted audience. You should not buy an email list from anyone.

2. It is the best practice to make list using a newsletter on your website where the users put their email willingly.

3. To collect email addresses manually, you should remember your target. Collect his email who is interested in your content or products.

4. Stick to a plan if you are doing a newsletter. Relaying emails on a regular day or days can boost your subscribers know what to await from you and when.

5. Send an email to your customers observing their activity and interest. If you always do it, every email provides your income.

6. You have to optimize your email for mobile usage, as half of the emails are opened on mobile devices.

Infographic on email marketing

 Infographic on email marketing

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